Flo Hayfever Assessment Plan

The Flo Hayfever Assessment Plan is a recent simple program designed by ENT Technologies to highlight to patients the symptoms of allergies and hayfever, encourage them to talk to a healthcare professional such as yourself and assist them in getting a correct diagnosis and the most suitable treatment for their symptoms.

Please refer to the Hayfever Posters for Doctor Clinics or Pharmacies to help highlight the symptoms of allergies/hayfever to your patients.

The patient should then be asked to complete a very quick assessment of how their symptoms impact their quality of life via the Hayfever Severity Diagnostic Chart. (This tool is based on the publication “Allergic Rhinitis severity can be assessed using a Visual Analogue scale into mild, moderate and severe.” Cuvillo A et al. Rhinology 2017 Vol 55).

Once an assessment has been completed, then the healthcare professional can identify the severity of allergy/hayfever symptoms the patient is experiencing and provide him/her with suitable treatments whether symptoms are mild, moderate or severe. You may find this a useful exercise to repeat with your patients once they have followed your recommended treatment for 1-2 weeks to ascertain whether it is making a difference to controlling the patient’s symptoms and their functioning in daily life.

Hayfever Severity Diagnostic Chart (5579)

Hayfever Poster for Pharmacies (5581)

Hayfever Poster for Doctor Clinics (5584)