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Below are some of the most popular questions our Nasal Products Experts get asked. Simply email your question to us at: and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.  If your question gets published you may even receive a complimentary gift from Flo.

The irritants that could be affecting your daughter could be many things such as dust, mould, pet dander and/or pollens so if you can avoid the source of irritant that may help some of the symptoms but this isn’t always easy or possible. An additional suggestion is to try an isotonic preservative-free saline like Flo Kids Saline Nasal Spray which can help wash away the irritants that your daughter has breathed in. Your daughter may also produce more excess mucus due to her allergies as her nasal passages are narrower and easily blocked so Flo Kids Spray can also help thin mucus to help clear her nose and help her breathe easier.



Try using a Flo Sinus Care Kit both morning and night as it may be the phlegm production that’s actually causing your peristent cough.  If this doesn’t ease the coughing, see your GP so he/she can check for other respiratory issues.

A: Yes, irrigating with isotonic saline is great option to help wash away pollens, airborne irritants and inflammatory products in the nose. Use a Flo Sinus Kit each morning to clear any allergenic material away before your day starts and carry Flo Saline Plus to use intermittently throughout the day to help keep nasal tissues clear. You should speak to your pharmacist if these measures are insufficient as there are nasal sprays that can be used with blood pressure medications and which may help give you more control of your hayfever symptoms.

A: Using a medicated spray constantly isn’t wise, as your pharmacist has pointed out. It may help if you use a preservative-free isotonic solution like Flo Sinus Care or Flo Saline Plus to wash away potential irritants and inflammatory products. If that still isn’t sufficient, talk to your pharmacist about using a nasal spray that specifically dries up the mucus in the nose.

A: Tinnitus can occur as a result of many issues. If nasal congestion and blocked sinus canals are involved, then a Flo Sinus Care kit might help and Flo Saline Plus when you are away from home / out and about. If the tinnitus, does not subside and is bothersome, see your doctor oran audiologist.

A: Making your own saline solution is noble, but that solution isn’t what your delicate nasal tissue “recognizes”as friendly. Instead, use a preservative-free isotonic solution like Flo Sinus Care or Flo Saline Plus to soothe the nasal tissues, restore their function and wash away any irritants and inflammatory products that maybe aggravating your condition.